Womb Activation & Massage

The Womb Activation guides you on a journey into your womb space and energy body to witness and transmute any stagnant emotions and energetic imprints stored there. And release any past pains, traumas, fears, shame, guilt and clear energy from past lovers.

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Intuitive & Reiki Healing

I work with a variety of energy healing modalities, including Shamanic Reiki, Advanced Theta Healing, EFT, Journey Work, Crystal & Sound Healing. Treatments are bespoke for each clients needs.

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Crystal Core Facial Treatment

Prepare to be transported. This treatment will soothe, renew, detoxify and  invigorate you. With organic skincare energised with crystals, flower essences and reiki, it tones the skin, reduces stress held in the face and body, leaving you glowing and radiant.

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Naturopathic Nutrition

Naturopathic nutrition treats the person as a whole rather than a set of symptoms that require treatment. It is very personalised and every treatment is tailored to the needs of the individual, treating a person’s well being by taking into consideration all aspects of life.

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My gift certificates make a great present for any occasion.

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